Carne Asada Fries

My Carne Asada Fries Recipe

Note: I've put my old carne asada fries recipe back online after seeing enough requests for it. So here it is, in a modified form (I removed how to make guacamole). This is NOT healthy in case you're wondering. After all these years, I still think Albertaco's (Vista, San Marcos, Cerritos) make the best CA Fries and best California Burritos.

If anyone has found Carne Asada Fries for sale in another location (outside of Southern California), please let me know... List of Locations

Since my Carne Asada Fries recipe seems to be getting popular online, I would love to know what everyone thinks about them if you try it. Comments, Tips, Suggestions: E-mail me!

Ingredients I Used:

Shoestring French Fries
Shredded Cheddar Jack & American Cheese
Carne Asada (Already prepared works great!)
Sour Cream
2 Avocados


Cook sheet
Tongs for BBQ
Medium Sized Bowl
Small Bowl
Kitchen Scissors

Step 1-7: Making the Guacamole

Follow another recipe for Guacamole, my old one was weird.

Mix everything in the bowl together until you have creamy guacamole.

Step 8: The Carne Asada

Preheat the BBQ.

Step 9:

Throw the meat onto the grille and cook. I generally cook on Medium to High heat setting (400-500° area)

Let it cook.

Step 10:

Preheat oven to temp for the french fries (may be different for different brands)

Step 11:

Spread fries on a cookie sheet, and when oven is ready place into oven.

Step 12:

Check the meet, flip when ready. Slice into it after a while (5-10 minutes) to check how done it is. Prepare meat to your liking.

Step 13:

Remove meat from the BBQ. This stuff is so good you should be able to slice off a piece and eat it!

Step 14:

Cover the meat while you wait for the fries to get done.

step 15: The Fries

Check Fries in the oven.

Step 16:

When golden brown, remove from the oven.

Step 17: Preparing the dish

Slice all the carne asada and place into a small bowl.

This Carne Asada is Ready to eat! Boy did it taste good like this.

As an Optional Meal: Mix in some of the guacamole with the finished Carne Asada into small bowls and serve. Very Tasty!

Step 18:

Spread fries on a plate.

Step 19:

Place carne asada on top of fries.

Step 20:

Place a good amount of cheese in small cup/bowl. Heat in microwave for NO MORE THAN 17 seconds. You do not want the cheese melted. Only warm enough it's not as flaky when grabbed with your fingers. Note: This is an important step. If you melt the cheese START OVER with new cheese. Clumps of cheese ruin this dish. 20 seconds on high on my microwave melted the cheese. It is ok if the cheese melts after it's placed on the meat and fries.

Step 21:

Sprinkle you cheese on top of the meat. Add a scoop of your guacamole and more sour cream on top of the cheese.


What's shown is enough to serve 2.


Albertacos: Vista; San Marcos; Cerritos
Albertos: various
Robertos: various
El Bronco: Oceanside
The old Taco Bell: Placentia (they add beans, which is not good!)
A few places in Mira Mesa
Someplace in South Bay (San Diego)
Taco Pablos: Vista; San Marcos - Now Closed
Colimas: Vista, Oceanside